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Monday, February 20, 2012

A few new Carp flies for the 2012 season.

I recently participated in my first fly swap with a bunch of gentlemen from around the web who are carpoholics like myself. Not knowing what to expect as this was my first fly swap, I stuck with a pattern I have tied up many many times; Jay Zimmermans Backstabber in purple and black. This pattern is buggy, easy to tie and the carp here in Northern Colorado really seem to love them as well.  I tie them up in purple and black, orange(really more rust) and brown, and pure white. The pure white must trick them into thinking the fly looks like a cottonwood seed that coats the lakes and ponds in the spring.
Check out Jay's Blog and how to tie up your own Backstabber at  http://coloradoflyfishingreports.blogspot.com/2010/06/best-flies-for-carp.html 
His site is an incredible treasure of tips and tricks and I highly recommend paying his site a visit.

Anyways.  I received my flies from  http://www.flycarpin.com/p/fly-carpin-2011-carp-fly-swap.html and all I can say is WOW!

Flies from the 2012 Carp fly swap.
Well after doing a quick study of the flies I received there tends to be a common theme to carp flies. Tie them so the hook point, put in some type of 'eye', tie them smaller than you think, expect if you fish in Michigan. That huge fly in the front belongs to Kevin at http://www.indigoguideservice.com/Guides/Kevin/.  Wow that thing is huge!

Looking at all the cool new flies got me thinking and I put together a few bugs based on what I saw in the fly swap.

 I really like these guys here.  A bit heaver eye in yellow and some Bobcat hair for the tail and dubbing.  Thin skin on the top to push those hackle feathers creating what look like legs.

 Getting into the soft hackle is something I have never done before but now that I look at it this is how I think the fly should appear.  I wonder if some marabou would work great here? This guys is really my favorite of the new bunch and I think I will use him often.
 I experimented with the thin skin on top, and below, with the thin skin at the 'bottom' of the fly to see how it would ride.

Although it appears that the thin skin on the bottom would make the fly legs more buggy near the hook point, I think I prefer the thin skin on the top.  Dang, I cant wait for the ice to break up and try these out on some real carp.
All this would have not been possible without the origination and perseverance of McTage at  http://www.flycarpin.com/p/fly-carpin-2011-carp-fly-swap.html   Thank mate, I appreciate it and look forward to the next fly swap.

Let me know what you think of the flies.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Night out at the Senior Center

Rick Takahashi tying one of his many midge patterns.

Spent the night at the Fort Collins Senior Center watching the local talent teach the rest of us how they tie their incredible patterns.  All money raised went to http://www.rockymtnflycasters.org/. Notable tiers included Rick Takahashi, Al Ritt, and Mark Tracy and many others from around northern Colorado.

Creating Wollybuggers.

Learning to fly tie for beginners. This booth was so popular with the kids. I really enjoyed watching how this gentlemen spent so much time with each individual person. He made sure each newbie was able to make a complete fly before the end of the night.

Thadd Strom

Marty Staab of Elk Horn Rod and Reel in Loveland Colorado

Mark McMillan, Independent Tier.
He made some incredible streamers and had great fishing stories as well.

Some nice caddis by Marty Staab.

Marty Staab tying up his Mysis shrimp.  

Rick doing more talking that tying.   His corner of the room was the most packed of the night.

Mark Tracy tying up some patterns.  Mark did the pictures for Rick Takahashi's book "Modern Midges".