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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Pixie Girl, aka The Pixie Poo

Our dog Pixie didn't start life out as our chosen pet.  Initially we really wanted a dog similar to our parents toy poodle name Taylor.
Aka Mr.Tay, Taybutt, Mitterman,Taffy, Gay Tay,Butts
Mr. Tay(and his alter ego 'Taffy') is white, 6 pounds, and has an attitude problem.
To us, he's perfect.  Just don't put your hand anywhere near his face when he has food in his general vicinity! Notice I didn't say in his mouth! In Taylors way of thinking if the food is in your hands, its his too!
Walking Mr.Tay is also an award winning experience.  Imagine being dragged across the street by a ball of white fur.  I can walk Taylor anywhere he wants to go, not where I need to go.  But I do have to say, the little guy can walk the pants off you.  He can walk and walk and walk.
To us he was and is perfect.  Who wouldn't want such a cute, adorable, somewhat loving poodle?

     My wife Jocelyn scoured Craig's list, the local papers and even the Humane Society's web page looking for a poodle that match Mr. Tays general description.  In a short time she had found what looked like the perfect poodle in the name of Avery.
     He was cute, white, and looked similar to Taylor.
        We took him back within 24 hours
 Avery was a puppy mill dog and being an only dog, he was unable to relax.  Avery liked having lots of his buddies around.  He returned home and we heard was able to be adopted out to a family with more dogs.
     Two weeks later Jocelyn showed me a picture of a dog she had found online.  The dog looked HUGE!  We took a chance and went to meet "Puff", a dog that had wandered into someone else's home. The home owner place ads, took her to the Human Society but no one claimed her. We email several questions and finally agreed to meet "Puff" face to face.
  After watching several Ceasar Millan episodes we knew not to rush in and greet a new dog, so we ignored her.  To our surprise "Puff" just looked at us and laid down behind us while we spoke to the home owners. She was stinky and really not as big as the picture portrayed.
We took her home and the rest is history.
Pixie Girl
aka Pixie Poo, Pixie Anne

Pixie has been such a joy in our lives, but this girl has some funny quirks about her.  She hates to get her feet wet and will go out of her way to keep herself dry.
She loves her toys.
At night after I return home from work I will take her out for her last walk of the night.  Before we go out together, Pixie will stop and look for that just so special toy to bring on our walk together.  Last summer she choose to take her favorite Duck.  As we started our walk we both noticed the local fox off in the distance. Pixie dropped her Duck and we walked a bit further. To my surprise, the fox circled us and went and picked up Pixie's favorite Duck.  How dare he!  Duck has never been seen again.

  Pixie's favorite toy is Squirrel.  We bought Squirrel while on vacation and every since the toy has been favorite of favorites.  Each night Pixie will search out Squirrel and bring him to bed with her.  The more stinky Squirrel becomes the more she loves him.  Just don't wash Squirrel!

Look for more adventures!


Friday, April 29, 2011

Two Carp Flies

The first fly is a knock off of Jay Zimmerman's "Backstabber".  http://frontrangeanglers.com/catalog/backstabber-fly-selection
The fly is designed to land hook up to decrease snags and also create that magic little "puff" of silt as the fly moves along the bottom of the pond or river. I took off the rear facing hackle and replaced it with several strands of "Silly Legs".  Lets hope they work this spring!

Variation of "Backstabber" Carp fly.

The next fly represents a Cottonwood seed as it falls into the water. During the spring up here in Northern Colorado we have huge blooms of Cottonwood.  Carp seem to really enjoy sipping the seeds from the surface and any time I can catch a carp off the top water I am happy.  Nothing is more exciting than watching a huge dark shape come up from the depths to inhale a little puff of white feathers.

White Cottonwood Seed Fly for Carp.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gearing up for Carp on the Fly.

This is will be my second year chasing Carp on the fly.  Last year a work buddy turned me on to chasing the "poor mans bonefish", and ever since I have been hooked.
My buddy has an older boat that he has placed a wooden platform over his engine, and uses a old pole used to change lightbulbs with as a push pole.
From this make shift fishing rig we are able to silently stalk after carp.

Currently I am tying flies designed by local fly guys.  I especially follow the blog of Jay Zimmerman.  Jay is a guide and fly designer down in Boulder Colorado.  His "Backstabber",
I have made a small change to the fly.  Look later for the pic.