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Friday, April 29, 2011

Two Carp Flies

The first fly is a knock off of Jay Zimmerman's "Backstabber".  http://frontrangeanglers.com/catalog/backstabber-fly-selection
The fly is designed to land hook up to decrease snags and also create that magic little "puff" of silt as the fly moves along the bottom of the pond or river. I took off the rear facing hackle and replaced it with several strands of "Silly Legs".  Lets hope they work this spring!

Variation of "Backstabber" Carp fly.

The next fly represents a Cottonwood seed as it falls into the water. During the spring up here in Northern Colorado we have huge blooms of Cottonwood.  Carp seem to really enjoy sipping the seeds from the surface and any time I can catch a carp off the top water I am happy.  Nothing is more exciting than watching a huge dark shape come up from the depths to inhale a little puff of white feathers.

White Cottonwood Seed Fly for Carp.

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  1. that cottonwood seed fly is really interesting! Is that CDC you are using?