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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gearing up for Carp on the Fly.

This is will be my second year chasing Carp on the fly.  Last year a work buddy turned me on to chasing the "poor mans bonefish", and ever since I have been hooked.
My buddy has an older boat that he has placed a wooden platform over his engine, and uses a old pole used to change lightbulbs with as a push pole.
From this make shift fishing rig we are able to silently stalk after carp.

Currently I am tying flies designed by local fly guys.  I especially follow the blog of Jay Zimmerman.  Jay is a guide and fly designer down in Boulder Colorado.  His "Backstabber",
I have made a small change to the fly.  Look later for the pic.

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  1. Zimmerman's Backstabber works awesome for carp, doesn't it? I'm hooked too!