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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Playing with a fly for Carp season

I am working on a fly for the comping spring and carp season.  Taking some hints from Jay Zimmermans Backstabber and adding a few twists I came up with this fly.  Let me know what you think, either positive or negative.  Having never created a fly from scratch I can appreciate just how hard it is to come up with something original.

So how do you go about naming such a fly?  I know of the "Carp Carrot", the "Near enough Crawl",  hmm, suggestions? Something with Carp in the title would be good I would think.
Thanks all,



  1. Diggin it. Those biots look crazy cool on there and the color scheme is sweet. It will fish for sure but I would worry about a name later. Give it some time to catch some fish, get some tweaks and mellow around in the old subconcious.

  2. Very nice. The biots are cool stonefly or prince accents used nicely in a carp fly. You'll come up with color variations for sure, and they may fish differently then you believe, unless you've tank tested them. I agree with McTage, fish them first and then let them earn a name.


  3. McTage, thank you, I will chill with a name. Hey did a guy from Michigan, perhaps Kevin, get hold of you to join the swap? I am going on a guided trip with them this summer for Carp on the flats of Beaver Island. He really liked your site.
    Thank you Gregg. I dont have a swim tank so I will have to wait until some open water comes about to see how they swim. I love the prince nymph so thats where the biots come from.

    1. Yes he got ahold of me. He is first alternate! Did no expect to need alternates.

  4. Lonny, that fly is awesome! I've never named a fly before, but like McTage said, give it time to mellow...it'll come

  5. They'll eat that...but let me know if you are in need of a field tester.

  6. How did I never see this blog before? I'm followin'