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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What? Another new Carp fly?

Wow this designing carp flies is kinda of addictive.  I whipped this guy out in a matter of minutes.  For me, I have to take the fly into little bits and then build on the idea.  I like the way the marabou undulates while in the water.  I love silly legs.  Dubbing, well you have to have some of that for a body.  The legs came about by accident really.  I love soft hackle flies but after I added the soft plastic thin skin the legs just kinda of flattened out.  By pulling them to the side I created a nice little landing pad for the rest of the fly to sit upon after being stripped.  I don't know.  I kinda of like it.  Now only if there was some open water to chase carp.



  1. Great looking flies Lonny! Have some ideas myself, I think carp lend themselves to experimentation more than any fish I can think of. Us too, recent warmer weather may have me checking out some non spring (I have one) ponds that have been open for some time. Keep us posted as to the carp's reaction.


  2. I kind of like it to! Wouldn't mind some more details on the pattern.

  3. what are the hooks lonny and the hackles?

  4. Hey there Missouriflies, I just use any stimulator style hook along with pheasant hackle. I like any hackle that is has some type of pattern. Thanks for reading.

    Kevin, what do you want to know, I will provide as needed. And also thank you for reading.


  5. Hi again Lonny, do you have a make and model on those hooks, they look stainless, are they. Nice flies by the way. (except the eyes might be a little crooked):) Just playin. All in good spirit. May you catch many large fish my friend.

  6. Hi there Missouriflies.

    I found the hook make and style you requested.

    Hook: Stimulator(3XL Curved Shank)
    Style 7002 Size 10
    Tail: Orange Marabou (can put some silly legs in as well, or flash)
    Body: Spirit Rivers Aussie Possum Golden Stone
    OverBody: Wapsi Thin Skin, Mottled Yellow
    Legs: Pheasant Tail palmered
    Eyes: Chain Bead
    Thread: Uni-Thread 8/0 Orange