High Park Fire

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My interview on CNN's IReport.

I had the honor of speaking to Brooke on CNN yesterday about the images I posted of the High Park Fire here in Ft.Collins Colorado.

My voice really does sound raspy from the smoke.  I know many people with respiratory issues are having a hard time as well.



  1. Good job Lonny,

    That was my occupation until I was injured or I would still be breathing smoke, 2 more years until they would force me to retire. Wonderful pictures from below, nice, very nice, and good interview!


  2. Wow you were a fire fighter Gregg! Thats so cool. Thank you for the nice comments about my photos and interview. I did another interview on Headline News the next day as well. I dont have a link to that interview though.

    By the way I received my new Redington Fly rod in the mail a week ago, so soon I will be back in the saddle chasing carp. Only have to wait for the air quality to improve a bit here in Loveland and Fort Collins.

  3. I was a smokejumper in Alaska but also was detailed down here. I remember that carp set that broke your 8 wt. Good luck with the Rod, keep us posted. I caught a very large carp on an egg a few days ago, it's still has it's magic. Good luck!