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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Enjoying the Stalking of the Carp. Hunting the Big Goldfish!

The last two days have been hot, hot and muggy.  The sun is intense, and there is humidity that we usually dont have to content with here in Colorado.  Reminds me of Michigan.

Carp fishing for me has been incredible, not that I have landed large numbers of fish, but that I have had the opportunity to stalk and cast to so many fish.  I have developed a a skill where by I plop my Backstabber fly... right on top of the carp, over and over!  Hey what about that cast in front of and past the carp!  Hmm I need to work on that.

Often I would walk up on Carp in just inches of water, tailing, rooting in the mud.  If the carp was facing me it freeze and wait for them to change direction.  Nothing like trying to blend in and pretending to be a tree.  At least I had a fly rod that is green, right?

Carp were very easy to spot, thus making it really easy for them to see me.  As long as I was able to stay quite, move slowly, I would sometimes be able to sneak up and make a proper cast.
Each one of these guys took a rust or orange color Backstabber.  I love to put a darker color hackle on this fly to create some contrast.

While I am running at the ponds I always try to stop and smell the flowers like this little bumble bee.

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