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Monday, May 2, 2011

Flies for catching fish

A self pic from today.  Another windy chilly May day in Colorado.  I walked, saw carp jump, but no takers.
Sage rod and reel

A few bugs I have tied up over the past few weeks.  I am working hard on two parts here.  On the fly front I am working hard on proportions, bulk(lack of), and finishing the fly head.  
 Proportions.  When I first started to tie my flies where bulky and just didn't appear as I wanted. Too big, a bit clumpy there.  Really not good at all.  They say less is more, and in fly tying, way less is more!
  Bulk.  Did I say less if more?  
  Finishing. I have a tendency to 'crowd' the head of the fly.  Not sure why, I just do.  Working on stopping a few thread lengths before the head of the fly now.

The Stimulator is my favorite fly. Many tyers hate to make this bug.  So many steps and a kind of stop start production cycle. This bug just screams eat me.  What am I? A stonefly? A big hopper?  A...whatever?
 I love to fish this with a 'dropper' below.  Being bulky and buoyant this bug can hold its own and then some.  Put a big ole bead head hares ear and the fish can't stay away. 

Craven's Charlie Boy Hopper

Charlie Craven is a local tyer down in Denver and his patterns simply just work for Colorado rivers and lakes.  I just love this pattern.  Easy, simple to tie and when finished it really does look like a grasshopper.  Thanks Charlie.
Generic Nymph

This guy is just a simple nymph with some added rubber legs for some flash.
This  nymph would catch  trout, pan fish, and even carp.
Again I am working on proportions(not to much bulk), and  not crowding the head of the fly.  
Having  a bead head really helps keep down the bulk a the end of the fly.

Variation of Zimmermans Backstabber Carp fly.

This  bug is just so cool. What the hell does it represent? A nymph? Perhaps crayfish that are so prevent in our Colorado lakes and ponds.

I have made this bug in several colors and this one is the orange or amber colored version. I think the 'silly legs'as some really cool motion to the fly. But if you look close, the head is crowded and not neat. Need to work on that issue.

The other issues I eluded is my photography.  I seem to struggle with white balance and at times with focus.  My sharpness needs some work also. I purchased a cheap white cardboard stock for a nice 'infinite background'.  I also found this huge construction light in the garage and experimented with some lighting positions.  I especially like the last fly on this post.  Seems to hang in space.  Off to experiment some more.  Please feel free to offer comments.   


  1. Awesome looking bugs...pictures look fine! I like Jay's carp fly as well...something about it just looks ultra fishy. Also, I like the little spots you put on the charlie boy. Hope you don't mind if I use that little trick...

  2. Nice flies! You get a really nice warmth in your photos. I agree...I like the "hanging in space" feel of the backstabber pic. And I love the self pic!

  3. I tie a lot of charlie boy hoppers. I really like the dots of color you added. Anything Charlie ties is a proven fish catcher! Great ties and you have a new follower

  4. This is a great post, and I great blog. I love those flies! I fish the backstabber a lot, and it's definitely one of the best flies out there. Glad I found your blog!

    Justin S