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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fudge, Forts, and Long Walks!

On our recent trip to Michigan this year my wife Jocelyn and my mother-in-law Joan and I traveled to northern Michigan to visit Historic Mackinac Island.
 Mackinac Island is located in northern Michigan and has been settled ever since Native Americans traveled there to fish during the islands short summers.  French fur traders, British and American soldiers and now tourists have called Mackinac Island home.  Rich with history, fought over by two nations, and loved by all, this island is a great vacation destination.  Eight miles in circumference, the island can be biked in a few hours, or for the fit, walked in several more hours.
 After driving north for 5 hours we took a ferry with Sheplers.  The water quality in northern Michigan in incredible.  Clear, cold. Immaculate.

Arriving on the island is a bit of a culture shock.  No motorized traffic, horse drawn carts and taxi's, bikes everywhere.

We wondered around the island the first day, getting our bearings and checking into Mission Point for the next two days. Without renting a bike for 8 dollars an hour to riding a horse drawn carriage for a huge fee, we were set to walk, and walk, and walk.

The next morning we were up early to do some serious sight seeing.  A fort, cute cottages, shore line, and FUDGE!  Lots and lots of Fudge.
Mackinac Island is famous for its fudge. Sold originally in "Candy Kitchens", fudge became Mackinac Island's number one sweet souvenir.

 Fort Mackinac served as a military outpost for British and, later, American soldiers from 1780 to 1895.

Walking the old fort really was a huge history lesson.  I truly enjoyed being surrounded by so much past history.  And to think so much of the fort is still standing and we are able to walk around and view the past.

We had a small lunch and some more fudge, boy that fudge really is good, my mother-in-law talked us in to walking the entire island.  "We can do this, its easy."  Hmmm.

Off we go!

The scenery is truly breath taking!

Almost there!
We made it! Yahoooooooooo!

Such a wonderful trip. We drove home the next day leaving behind the rain and wind.  Historic Mackinac Island is truly a wonderful vacation destination.


  1. This looks idyllic. Only non-motorized transportation?! I still am a carrier of rather insane childhood horse craziness. :)

    Great post, and I loved reading about and seeing your pics!

    One of my very good friends went to the Mackinac Island Lilac Festival one year...by bicycle!

  2. Thank you e.m.b. for your comments. Thats crazy your friends rode their bikes there! Wow.
    I love your blog as well. Your writing is simply amazing. Keep it up.