High Park Fire

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tree Wisperer and Sheep Herder, but sorry to say no Trout!

We are back from Michigan after a great visit with the parent-in-laws.  I thought I would try my luck fly fishing the Big Thompson River and see how much she has changed in two weeks.  Although she is a bit more stained it appeared that wading would be easy.
I must have been really rusty from all that jigging and bobber fishing at Lake Mac because within an hour I had lost 3 flies to the trees.

Pixie was along as she had just spent almost 2 weeks at the kennel.
I think she was just happy to out running around sniffing things!

I did manage to run into a large herd of bighorn sheep. All in all there were
13 males hanging by the side of the road either licking the road or eating green grass. Pretty impressive.


  1. welcome back! glad you got out to shake the rust off...i'm sure pixie poo loved getting busted out of the kennel for a day on the water. good pics of the sheep!