High Park Fire

Monday, May 30, 2011

WIndy, rain. Time to make bugs!

Its been windy and raining.  It seems the weather man say the same thing over and over.  "More rain, more wind".  I love Kathy Sabin, but darn the girl just keeps talking about rain.  I guess this coming week we are supposed to hit the 80's here in Colorado, but we will see.
Anticipating the coming flood of water down the river, I have been tying up carp flies and a few 'Clown Shoe Caddis' by Jay Zimmerman.  I think he originally called it the 'Boulder Creek Caddis', but what ever the name was, I just love this fly.  

Clown Shoe Caddis
I also have been tying up for Carp.  These are also a Jay Zimmerman pattern called 'Backstabber'.  Easy to tie and I just love how buggy they look.  Here fishy fishy!

White Backstabber
Olive Backstabber
Green Backstabber


  1. The wind blew me home from fishing with my tail between my legs.....and I too spent the rest of the day tying. Streamers for me! Fun fun....and your flies look great!

  2. Flies are looking really nice! I'll be tying for a while as well...hopefully, I can get out and scare up a few fish soon though :-)